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I'm Florian, welcome to my website.

I created this piece of internet to help me keep track of my projects, my thoughts about them and their current states. Beside those projects I create notes primarily for myself and this website is closer to a wiki than a blog as I often revisit existing notes to change it.

There is no comment system on this site by design, if you wish to talk about something you read here I will be more than happy to respond to you on Mastodon.

As you can see by the amount of projects in this area, I love and work in the field of computer science and more specifically web development. I would like eventually to diversify the domain covered by those projects.

Beside computer related ones here are my current nerding topics :

I sometime (rarely) toot on mastodon

For most project listed on this website the should be a LICENSE file contained in their codebases.

The assets and texts present on the website are under creative common.

The logo was created using dotgrid.

The website was created using Zola and the sources are available on Gitlab.