Gitlab search engine

creation year: 2017
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This repository contains the work done for the dissertation module of my MSc in computer science at the Oxford Brookes University, including a search engine written in Haskell using the Scotty web framework and several documents created alongside the engine.


The documents are :

Each of these documents can be viewed in their raw formats (LaTex or Mardown).


The goal of this dissertation is to create a search engine capable of gathering information autonomously about open source projects hosted on several Gitlab servers, and retrieve this information to fit a search query performed by a user while being the most accurate and quick as possible. A literature review is conducted about the Trie and B-tree data structures and their efficiency within the scope of search engines as well as a study of the current state of web Git servers. Finally the main decisions taken during the development process will be explained.

Search Engine

The search engine is composed by the following scripts :