Instax mini evo

animated tuto for using an instax mini evo


The Instax mini evo is relatively easy to use compared to many cameras. Yet for folks that aren't use to take pictures with camera some of the features from this one could be overlooked.

This small pixel art tuto was created for an event to show all the guest how to use this camera, I figured it woul not hurt to have it on this website.

Step 1 - Power on

power on instax mini evo

Step 2 - Choose filter

choose filter on instax mini evo

Step 3 - Choose effect

choose effect on instax mini evo

Step 4 - Snap it

take picture with an instax mini evo

Step 5 - Print it

print a picture on instax mini evo


The pixel art are created in a software call aseprite, the sources files for this project are available in the meta links at the top of this page.