• dithor (2022)
    library for pixelisate/dithering images
  • .png glitch art tools (2020)
    collection of tools used for glitching .png images
  • cistercian (2021)
    .svg generator of cistercian numerals
  • yoctolio (2021)
    .csv configured video portfolio generator
  • tiny conveyor (2021)
    asynchronous tasks queue in ruby
  • piddly (2021)
    minimal set of css rules
  • gitlab search engine (2017)
    search engine for open source projects hosted on gitlab
  • ┬Ájava compiler (2017)
    compiler for the ┬Ájava language
  • tetris (2017)
    two versions of the game tetris in two different programming paradigms
  • archive (----)
    an archive where all the old projects go to die